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All software packages are compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10

dataHub dataHub

Smart management of your data and flow of data in your network - copy, move and backup data for processing.


Take advantage of flexible licensing to adjust the number of licenses to your needs.

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Licenses *Price
3 29.90 €
5           39.90 €
10           79.90 €
more than 10 Licenses request a quote

adXplorer adXplorer

Acquire data with your adXi data acquisition box - straighforward and compatible with many instruments


adXplorer mpXplorer

The central program for data management and processing. Explore high-throughput data processing to improve productivity of your enterprise.



scienceXbase scienceXbase

Store your pdf-files and bibliographic information in an advanced database. Stay up to date with scientific advances and improve productivity by sharing documents in your enterprise.


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